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Charnwood College

Charnwood College provides an all-through education for students aged 11–19 across Loughborough. Charnwood College was the first time two upper schools had been merged in Leicestershire.


Charnwood college inherited the supporters of the two former schools, the Burleigh Pig and the Garendon Stag. The Burleigh Pig became an unofficial supporter and eventually became seen as an official supporter after The installation of a statue of a bronze boar. The Garendon Stag has always been he official supporter of Garendon High School, the stag was adopted as deer were kept on Garendon Park (the Schhol's namesake) and the stag was also featured on the Coat of Arms of the De Lisle family (the owners of the Garendon Park estate), the school still owns a set of mounted antlers from a Stag that lived on the Garendon Park Estate.


Charnwood College has a 50 acre campus, with extensive sports facilities including a swimming pool, two gymnasiums, two work-out gyms, a 3G pitch (formerly a dry play pitch), a spate dry play pitch, two tennis courts and three multisports halls. It also has multiple specialist teaching blocks and extensive IT equipment.


There is also an off campus boarding house, called Field House which attracts students from around the world.


Ashmount School has been located on Charnwood College's Campus from 2013.

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